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About Earth Pulse Yoga:

(A Baltimore-Based, unique community yoga space)

Sometimes the hardest part about starting a yoga practice is walking through the door.  I understand, I was there.  Despite being a gym devotee, I knew nothing about yoga and the prospect of walking into a class was a bit frightening.  Creating a space and an atmosphere that was non-intimidating, down-to-earth, and supportive was paramount.

Yoga isn’t about what we wear or how we look.  Yoga, is about embracing freedom.

This freedom is one that evolves. At first it is physical freedom—increased flexibility, strength, and balance–and then it changes.  It exposes that which we have kept hidden as a black salve draws out a splinter.  It reveals what we are ready to see and supports us in the process.

Our mission is to create not only a beautiful space, but practice methods which support this evolution.  We focus on helping you create a long-term, sustainable practice.  Every body is unique; and as result, the expression of a pose will look different in different bodies.  Yoga is not a one size fits all. It’s not about pushing the body into a pose. Sustainable yoga is about body acceptance and allowing the body to receive a pose.

Our Offerings:

The Introduction to Yoga Series is the perfect starting point for yoga novices.  The class approaches the practice through a functional approach.  The functional approach is about how your body interprets and feels in a pose. This series promotes body and mind awareness, teaches students how to move safely through a practice, and cultivates long-term flexibility, strength, and balance.

Our offerings also include Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, Yin/Yang Flow, Slow Flow, Traditional Vinyasa, as well as specialty classes such as Strength & Flexibility and Experiential Yoga.  Our unlimited yoga price of $79 per month is currently the best in Baltimore.  This unlimited offer covers all regular yoga classes, including our highly popular, Introduction to Yoga Series on Tuesday evenings.  $79 Unlimited Yoga Offer

If you are seeking a gentle, nurturing, and non-competitive yoga environment, Earth Pulse is your studio. At Earth Pulse Yoga we don’t focus on the pretty.  Coming to a place of peace and harmony requires that we look at what is real.  If you are seeking a studio that is more substance and less glamour; if you are ready to go deep with yourself, this is your studio.

We are located on the upper level of the Church of the Messiah, in Hamilton. We have renovated what was initially a basketball court into three, light-filled studio spaces.

Enter from the back parking lot entrance.  Studio sign is on the door.

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Second floor of The Episcopal Church of the Messiah. Earth Pulse Yoga may be accessed from the parking lot entrance in rear.

5801 Harford Road Baltimore, Maryland 21214