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The Road to Yoga

This is my journey to yoga…to freedom. It’s not pretty. I wrote them because I am a writer and the placing of emotions and thoughts on the virtual ‘page’ was the only way to clear the clutter from my mind. It also became a resource for celebration and recalling those ‘aha’ moments. Often in the midst of the darkness, we forget the light; we forget how far we have come.

At times as I reread my blogs, which were intended purely for me, I cringe. I had to step back and wonder if I wanted to expose my road. I know there will be those who will judge, those who will disagree and not understand. That’s okay. I learned recently that if everyone loves you, you’re probably not being authentic. I recall a scene from The Breakfast Club, wherein Molly Ringwald talks about being the most popular girl in the school. In essence, she proclaims she is popular because she agrees with everyone and doesn’t have a voice of her own.

This is my voice. This is my story. I know there are others who on a very similar path, who can relate, and need someone to validate their struggles, their pain, their revelations. None of us are perfect. We are all learning, all growing; and the more you bring your intention to growth, the more insight you will receive and the more you will consciously experience. “Consciously” meaning you realize the ever-loving Universe is presenting you a gift to help you on the road to freedom. You will begin to look for the gem, even in the maelstrom.

I present to you my growing pains. And just today, May 27, 2014, I am experiencing more growing pains as I face the challenges and rewards of finding my voice and speaking my truth.

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