Breathing Into Your Discomfort
Breathing Into Your Discomfort

Breathing Into Your Discomfort

Often in yoga class, I encourage students to focus on and breathe into the place of discomfort.  This practice has the potential for great healing.

We need to be careful as to how we view our discomfort.  The important element is to approach it with loving attention, like a child who has been pulling at your pants leg wanting to be acknowledged.  Your pain is often a part of you–a blocked emotion, a traumatic event, a deep sadness–that wants to be released.  We may think we can push emotions away–that we can compartmentalize them–but they are still there.  They have energy and life and they will reveal themselves through the body.  The more we are attuned to our bodies, the more readily we are able to recognize its dis-ease, before it becomes too powerful.

When we focus upon our discomfort, it is important to be in a safe place. Focus on the area of discomfort.  Keep funneling into the source because often where we are experiencing the pain, is not the source.  Once you have discovered the source, close your eyes and begin to establish a balanced breathing pattern:  equal inhale, equal exhale.  With each inhale, establish a channel of breath/prana/light/healing from the navel to the place of discomfort.  The important element here is attention and intention.  The attention is your focus of breath movement.  The intention is what you are bringing to the discomfort.  Feed it light!  Feed it love!  Feed it healing energy.  Make it personal and authentic.  Perhaps that area need forgiveness.  Only you know.  Trust your instincts.

After you have created the channel, you can deepen the practice.  Inhale with intention to the place of discomfort.  Suspend the breath for a comfortable time while amplifying the power of your intention, with the exhale, visualize that the discomfort is being removed from the body.

Often I give the going to the well visual.  With the inhale, the lever is being drawn upward and fresh water is being drawn into the place that needs healing.  During the pause in breath, the healing potential of the prana is amplified through intention.  Upon the exhale, the lever is pressed down and all the muck, mire, stagnation, disease, etc. is expelled out.

This is a powerful, pranic healing exercise. It requires three things:  Attention, Intention, and Breath

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