Earth Pulse Yoga

8-Week Introduction to Yoga Series

There is so much to say about this class.  It is all about yoga, most definitely.  It is also about community, finding your Center–the one that sustains and nurtures you–and trusting your intuitive wisdom on and off the mat.  There is an energy to this class that is so beautiful. It is something that must be experienced; and each series takes on a unique flavor, which arises based on those who enroll. If you are searching for freedom, in all its forms, and a weaving of spiritual elements, I would suggest this class.

First and foremost, yoga is not about forcing your body into a pose. Yoga is about your body experiencing a pose. And on a yet deeper level: Yoga is about experiencing your SELF.  My best advice is to arrive with no expectations.  Accept where you are in every aspect.  This acceptance breeds allowance; and allowance…a beautiful freedom.

Have you ever experienced the phenomenon that as soon as you stop grasping for something and accept what is, that which you desire races towards you?  It is the same with our bodies.  Accept the vessel that you inhabit.  See the goal and at the same love where you are on the journey.  I bring a lot of yin yoga into the intro class for the reason that the practice of yin has the capacity to create sustainable flexibility…however, there is a catch.  Sustainable flexibility arises through patience and allowance, not by pushing. Also yin, with some caveats, is a very safe container for exploration of your intuitive wisdom in how to approach and experience a pose.

Throughout the eight weeks, you will be progressively introduced to more subtle alignment principles that will fine tune your practice and bring increasing ease.  There is a lot of emphasis on abdominal and forearm strength as well as the importance of breath.  I will explain to you the whys of the practice, because I feel the asana practice is very much like math: understand the theoretical and the practical, and everything is possible.

I will encourage you to ask questions (as the question arises!) and to ‘play’ with the poses in a way that will allow your body to integrate the principles in a supportive and positive manner. I will encourage you to feel the difference between proper alignment and misalignment; and I will also invite you to be kind to yourself as you journey.

Yoga is a discovery of the body. It is a discovery of the mind. It is an opening to the soul.

To register: see the 4-8 Week Adult Series Tab.  We currently offer two introduction courses:  Tuesday evenings and Wednesday afternoon.


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