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ABOUT TRE© (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises)

TRE© was developed over 30 years ago by Dr. David Berceli, a bio-energetic therapist. The practice helps people throughout the world deal with Tension, Trauma & Stress. Since 2013, Baltimore TRE Founder and Facilitator Christine Frederick, works with individuals to teach this gentle practice of relaxing, stretching and gentle tremoring.  This process activates the body’s built-in ability to release.

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If you’re curious, please come to a Free Friday class now – July as Chris works to add group certification to her practice. Click to reserve your spot.  If you prefer a 1-1 appointment time, feel free to book direct by clicking here,  or call Chris at 443-527-2139 to discuss. She is passionate about this work, and eager to share with you. For additional information on the TRE process, visit



Tension and Trauma Release Exercise

Chris Frederick – Baltimore TRE©



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