Earth Pulse Yoga
About us

About us

Yoga is far more than poses.  It’s a lifestyle and an invitation to freedom.

At Earth Pulse Yoga it’s not about how you look or what you wear.  It’s not about getting a good workout.  Our goal is that you don’t leave exhausted and sweaty.  Our focus is that you leave each class empowered and more awakened to who you truly are.

This studio focuses on supporting you in understanding your amazing body and supporting you in the journey of connecting with that powerful and all-knowing Self that is within.

Your body is sacred.  It  is unique and beautiful; and our mission is  to provide guidance on proper alignment, and to teach you how to create a safe and sustainable practice that honors your biology and biography. We are all different; and how a pose looks and feels in one body will have a different feel and expression in another body.  And so the journey on the mat begins with the question: what is the expression of these poses that best support me?

For most of us, the yoga journey begins with that physical inquiry. We want to feel better in our bodies.  We yearn to be more connected to our bodies. We desire less stress.

Conscious movement focuses the mind.  Add in the element of breath, and the body begins to respond and the mind settles. An awakening begins to occur in the body.  Revelations occur as to where tension is being held, where we are clenching, often unconsciously.  The more aware we are, the more we are empowered.  Knowledge is a gateway to freedom.

And hence the practice deepens.  Awareness arises and expands.  But change is a process.

So often, we live our lives as though we are standing on hot coals. When one thing doesn’t give immediate satisfaction, we jump to another. As a result, it is difficult to manifest anything except frustration. Creation—in whatever form—takes time and grounding into ‘what we desire.’  Creation also encourages us to release the attachment to outcome. When we ground and release, we become as a beacon, attracting that which we desire and the support we need to succeed.

Trust in your heart and the intuitive wisdom of your gut.  Trust how you feel, and not so much in the ever-churning, critical mind.

Our yoga classes, workshops, and events focus on connecting with ‘who and what we are,’ of breaking free from the limitations we have imposed upon ourselves, and moving into a place of freedom.

Thank you for your interest; and please, ask for what you need.

Wishing you love, light, peace, joy, and freedom.

-Wendy Brown

Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Pexels