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About Yoga Nidra (Once a month)

Yoga Nidra is an ancient meditation technique that is sleep based and helps reduce stress in your life and restore balance to the body, mind and spirit.   

We will take time before the meditation to create personal intentions for the practice and some very gentle movement.  This practice is experienced lying down in your most comfortable position.  You will be guided through techniques that allow your whole body and being to experience the vast stillness and peace that is ever present within us all. 

Practiced consistently, yoga nidra allows you to release stress habits, traumas and reactive patterns so that you can cultivate your higher inner knowing and heal.   In yoga nidra we sharpen and hone the inner witness to recognize life presently, as it is.  This inward journey (different each time) helps you become more present to your life.  It allows you remember that you are already whole and complete, as you are, and that all you need is within you.

This class is 75 minutes and all levels are welcome.  After the practice we will have time to discuss and integrate the experience.

Facilitated by Kerry Martinez

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