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Earth Pulse Yoga is what you would anticipate – a down-to-earth yoga studio where it doesn’t matter what you wear or how you look. All that matters is your commitment to yourself. We don’t wear fancy yoga clothes and we don’t believe you should save your questions until after class. We encourage our students to ask the questions as the questions arise because that’s when it is most important that they be answered. Our rules are simple: honor yourself and ask for what you need.

Our dream is to create a space where everyone feels supported; where all voices are heard; and where one walks out feeling better than when they arrived. The essence of earth pulse is also to drive home the importance of grounding in both the yoga practice and in life. So often, we live our lives as though we are standing on hot coals. When one thing doesn’t give immediate satisfaction, we jump to another. As a result, it is difficult to manifest anything except frustration. Creation—in whatever form—takes time and grounding into ‘what we want.’ What do you want? In the yoga practice, one needs to ground before they can expand.

Our class offerings, workshops, and events focus on connecting with ‘who and what we are’ appreciating our diversity (which makes us beautiful. How boring if we all looked alike.); and seeing the threads that bind us all together.

We are so grateful for your interest in our studio, and we sincerely hope you let us know about your experiences at the studio, and especially what you need to thrive.

We wish you love and light; and an abundance of everything good and wholesome.

-Wendy Brown and Will Gibson


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