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Will Gibson – Yoga instructor

Will-GibsonNavy diver, EOD specialist, EMT, antique picker, commercial diver, beta tester, guitar builder…yoga teacher. Such is the progression of Will’s life to the yoga mat. Many lives. Many experiences.

At age twenty, Will struggled futilely on the battle fields of Kuwait to save his teammate from a landmine blast. At age twenty-four, one of his EMT comrades was shot in the back while trying to save a life. At age thirty, he fought for the rights and safety of commercial divers.

At age forty and after many perfect twists and turns of a life well lived, his ninety year-old mother-in-law gave him a life-changing gift…her yoga class pass.

In the beginning Will went reluctantly, but it did not take him long to fall in love with the practice, which strengthened him both physically and emotionally.

Will enrolled in teacher training and was certified in 2012. His first commitment was to the serve our veterans. He taught two classes at the Veterans Administration—a general class for Veterans and a class for those suffering from PTSD. He also volunteered at the Federal Prison, providing a respite for those who crave the meditative aspects of the practice.  Currently he is teaching the homeless through a program sponsored by Catholic Charities.

Will is exceptional with those with limited mobility and flexibility. His classes are gentle, slow-paced, and designed to gradually introduce the body and mind to yoga. Another bonus of his classes is the never-ending box of stories from all his amazing experiences. He promises you will leave smiling; because that’s what it’s all about.

Wendy Brown- Founder and yoga instructor


People seek yoga for a myriad of reasons:  joint issues, lower-back pain, depression, anxiety; or perhaps to increase strength, improve balance, coordination and flexibility.  I sought yoga for a far deeper reason…to find purpose in my life and rediscover myself. If we engaged in a very intimate conversation, I would tell you that I sought yoga to save myself.

Before I came to the practice, I was drowning in a combination of self-condemnation and hopelessness.  I knew I had the power to create my life, but I didn’t know how.  Self-help books and books written by what we would call ‘spiritual masters’ gave me hope, but it wasn’t until I began to actively take action–moving from the power of the thought to the power of action–that my life began to change.  I can’t explain how yoga transforms a life, it just happens. If one becomes vulnerable to the practice, Yoga will transform the physical body, crack open the heart, and expand the awareness. To sum it up:  yoga has taught me to accept myself; and through the accepting there is allowance; and through allowance…freedom.

Yoga is like a black salve.  It draws out the darkness–exposing our shadows and our physical and emotional pains–so the light can shine brighter and healing can occur. It’s a beautiful journey and one I yearn for others to experience; and like all journeys, it takes time to change our programming: those habits of thinking and doing, and our habits of response.

We all want to be at the finish line.  We all want to live in a state of joy, unconditional love, and peace.  The problem is we resist the experience of what many call ‘the struggle,’ but what I have learned to call ‘opportunity.’  Physical and emotion pains want to be experienced and deeply felt so they can move through. This knowledge alone teaches me that the only way to the ‘finish line’ is through–not over, under, or around.

And so I say to you: come as you are.  Every day is a different day on the mat, and that’s what makes it a journey.  Without darkness we would not understand light; without sadness, how could we possibly fully comprehend the essence of joy.  We are here in this dimension to experience; and I find yoga provides the gift of helping us connect with our bodies, our emotions, and our timeless and limitless essence.

I was trained by Anjali Sunita at Baltimore Yoga Village.  I am grateful for the strong foundation in which that training provided, and the beautiful group of souls who took that journey with me.  The training provided exposure to a variety of yoga disciplines and the foundations of the practice, which are vast and deep. Yoga is far reaching and ever-expanding.  Amongst its wondrous depth and countless layers,  I would say that at its core, yoga is about freedom and love.  Yoga is about coming home to yourself.

After my training, I went inward.  I hibernated a bit.  I went into the virtual child’s pose and delved deeply inward to discover my unique approach to the practice.  And when I had found my center, my voice, and my authentic approach, I brought it forward. There is no one way up the mountain.  There are many approaches, many methods.  Part of the journey is finding what works for your authentic self.

Throughout my training and my inward searching, I suffered from many injuries.  At times these injuries were so overwhelming that I actually wondered if I was making a mistake in my pursuit.  Eventually I found the pearl of that suffering: my injuries were a blessing because they taught me the vital importance of not only alignment in a pose, but how my ego can very much get in the way of my practice.

When you come to one of my classes, I invite you to ask for what you need, tell me how you’re feeling, and always honor your inner voice.  You are your greatest guru.

Off the mat,  I am pursuing a literary career.   One day I will get these books published. Similar to yoga, writing gives me breath, it gives me hope, and it heals.

In closing, I wish you love and light, and an abundance of everything good.


Bridget Strama


Bridget Strama has been a special education teacher for 20 years, working with children ranging in age from 3-21. After seeing children improve their focus and ability to calm themselves through some exposure to yoga in the classroom, Bridget trained to become a yoga teacher with a specialty in children.

After training through YoKid and Radiant Child in 2014, Bridget founded Child’s Heart Yoga. Child’s Heart specializes in classes for children of all ages. Bridget’s blend of breathing techniques, yoga poses, games and music make her classes fun for kids.

After more than 30 years of playing soccer and running, Bridget came to yoga to aid in injuries and increase flexibility. She jokes that she is the least “bendy” yoga teacher ever. Her own yoga practice is constantly evolving and growing.

In addition to running a business, Bridget is a wife and mother to four year old twins. She is also a co-founder of Karma Dogs, a local non-profit company that trains rescued dogs and their owners to work therapeutically with children in a variety of settings. She is looking very forward to both teaching and attending classes at EarthPulse Yoga.


IMG_9736 (1)

I came to yoga originally as a form of exercise to complement the competitive sports I was playing in high school in but soon found that it was a wonderful outlet for connecting my mind and the body as well as a path to finding self-acceptance and love. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease yoga became a way for me to manage chronic pain and learn to work with my body instead of against it. I completed my 200 hour teacher training through the Jivan yoga teacher training program in 2014, and found I loved teaching so much I started teaching classes before the program was complete. I am currently enrolled in an advanced teacher training program to become an RYT 500. I aim for my classes to meet students on their mats wherever they are in their practice and know that can change from one day to the next. Yoga should be fun, so laughing during practice and questions are always welcome in my classes.


Justin Landers


Justin Landers was born in Houston, Texas, in 1972. When he turned 12, he began a love affair with the study of martial arts. When he turned 18, he began studying Chinese martial arts and Tàijíquán (Tai Chi) in particular.

Over the years, Mr. Landers has trained with teachers like Jeff Bolt, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, Madam Wang Jurong, and most recently Sean Marshall.

In the early days of his training, after a martial arts injury, Madam Wang sent Mr. Landers to an acupuncturist to help him heal. This inspired him to begin acupuncture training. Where he was given even more Tàijíquán training.

He now has more than 42 years’ experience in martial arts with 25 years’ experience in Tàijíquán, 18 years’ experience in teaching Tàijíquán, and a master’s degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine.



Cindy Brohawn


Cindy has been practicing yoga regularly since 2003 – she explored a wide variety of yoga lineages and styles before attending her first Kundalini Yoga class in 2009, which resonated with her immediately and she practiced it daily from that day forward. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation has given her a greater sense of calm, peace, and ease, and she can truly say it’s changed her life.She began taking yoga classes to help with anxiety, depression and panic attacks, starting out in a state of complete disconnect with her body after many months of dealing with vertigo and the issues that came with it. Her first class was a revelation, allowing her to start to reconnect with her body and begin healing, and it ultimately put her on the path of connecting mind, body and spirit.

Kundalini Yoga offered an integration of all the elements she had come to appreciate in yoga. It was exciting to discover and experience the integration of chanting mantras along with the (often challenging) postures, breathwork, mudras, mental focus and energy locks – rather than practice components like breathwork and chanting separately. Plus, feeling welcome to laugh in class was a very pleasant surprise! Now she can share that joy as a KRI-certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher — she completed her training at Radiance Yoga in Alexandria, VA in 2016. Cindy looks forward bringing her accumulated experience with yoga, meditation, and the life-changing technology that is Kundalini Yoga!

Adrienne Bergthold

I studied yoga with the highly respected Ganga White and Tracy Rich of White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California. I lived in the beautiful mountains of Santa Barbara for a month as I completed comprehensive training in asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises), meditation and mindfulness practices which are the heart of all I teach as meditation is powerful medicine needed now more than ever. I also learned yoga philosophy and successfully met the requirements for certification to teach. I have over 20 years experience teaching yoga and have spent many years in continuing education studying other types of healing movement therapies as well.  I am so grateful to be able to share all I have learned to help others live in peace and less pain in their body, this incredible container that acts as our home for life!  Yoga is for all! All bodies of all shapes and sizes are welcome and invited to learn more about this transformational practice. Can’t wait to see you in class!

Lisa Shealey

They say in order to find yourself, you need to lose yourself. In order to fulfill yourself, you need to forget yourself.

I was walking that path – a path where I had completely lost touch with who I was. I could blame it on a myriad of things – disconnected family, bad relationships, an unfulfilling career. But I won’t waste my time with that now. Because, you see, that’s what yoga has taught me. The yoga mat is a reflection of YOU. How do you show up in life when challenged? You will see those same behaviors pour onto your mat. Yoga taught me to leave what is heavy behind, step into the light, and just BE. It’s what keeps me coming back to my mat every day.

In 2012, after practicing for several years, I joined the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Baltimore Yoga Village, under the study of Anjal Sunita. There I received a well-rounded training with an amazing group of yogis. In 2015, I pursued my 500 hour YTT back at my yoga home, Baltimore Yoga Village, with the talented and soulful Vivian Campagna and Anjali Sunita.

I am born and raised in Maryland, wife to Brian, and Mommy to my girls Parker (4) and Hannah (2). I am passionate about living well and being free. In my flow-based classes you can expect hands on adjustments and a relaxing Savasana with essential oils.

I am all about helping you find the light I already see in you. Namaste.

Monica Alicia Ellison


Monica was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Her earliest dance experience began with Ms. Ava Fields. She is a graduate of the Baltimore School for the Arts. She earned a BFA in Dance Performance from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Monica is an ABT® Certified Teacher, who has successfully completed the ABT® Teacher Training in Pre- Primary through Level 3 of the ABT® National Training Curriculum.

 Highlights of her professional performance credits include ensemble work with Dayton Contemporary Dance Company 2 (Dayton, OH), principal work with Balance Dance Theatre (Brooklyn, NY), and guest work with Sudden Enlightenment Theatre (Queens, NY) including a performance in Seoul, Korea. Her last work before heading south was at the North Shore Music Theatre Company (Beverly, MA) as an ensemble dancer in the off broadway production of CONTACT directed by Tome Cousin with original choreography by Susan Stroman.

 Monica’s teaching career began and flourished in Chattanooga, TN where she was a lead instructor at area dance studios. She even began a free ballet program called Love Beyond Dance which provided ballet lessons to children ages 6-10 at Shepherd Recreation Center.

In June 2016 Monica and her husband Cherokee moved back to her hometown of Baltimore. She currently teaches dance classes to students ages 3-15 at dance studios in Baltimore and southern Pennsylvania. She currently teaches at Dance Center of Severna Park and Inertia Performing Arts. Monica along with her husband started Children in Motion LLC which provides dance and movement instruction on site at preschools and daycares in Baltimore. As homeschool parent to 3 boys, they have expanded to offering dance and movement to the homeschool community.


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