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What Does Yoga Do For You?

Today in yoga class, the instructor posed the question: What has the yoga practice done for you? My mind churned with various thoughts....READ ON>>

My First Christmas Alone

CHRISTMAS TIME… December, 2010: It’s my first Christmas being alone, really alone. Last Christmas I was living with my father, and although he...READ ON>>

Keeping the pace.

Recently, I have been running about three to four miles, twice a week.  It balances my gym workouts—all that muscle building and intensity—with...READ ON>>


The people in the farmhouse about a quarter mile away are playing music. It’s 10 pm and everything is perfect about this evening—the...READ ON>>


That’s exactly how I feel sometimes. I vacillate from feelings of euphoria to depression, to this peculiar state of numbness. Numbness…I think it’s...READ ON>>


I had one of my business contacts tell me that I was “one of the brave ones.” Yes, leaving your husband takes courage....READ ON>>


Recently, a friend recently asked me how I got the courage to leave my husband. Courage is an interesting thing. We all have...READ ON>>

For the Sake of…

Making the decision to leave my marriage was the most difficult decision of my life. A bombardment went on for some time, with...READ ON>>

The Road to Yoga

This is my journey to yoga…to freedom. It’s not pretty. I wrote them because I am a writer and the placing of emotions...READ ON>>


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