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About the Introduction To Yoga Series

It is designed for those new to the practice, as well as those seeking a refresher.  Yoga veterans are not excluded.  In fact, it is often the veterans who ask many profound questions appreciated by all.
Introduction to Yoga is different than beginner yoga classes due to its progressive nature.  Each class builds upon the one prior.  It’s sort of like math.  My goal through the series is to help nurture an understanding of the practice (poses, meditation, and the importance of breath) and answer the hows and whys of poses.
For many people, it is important to understand the why.  For example, when we hug or squeeze our hips towards one another, it gives stability to the hips.  For people who are super flexible in the hips it is so easy to go very deep in hip-opener poses and lunges and sort of ‘hang out’ in the pose. This ‘hanging out’ could lead to joint issues and potential groin/tendon pulls.
The practice of yoga teaches us to mindfully balance our flexibility. Go deep…and be protected as you go deep. Another common example of over-extension is the elbows in arm balances and locking the knees in standing poses. Over time, the hyper-extension will damage the joints.
This series is designed to help students cultivate body awareness while learning the basic alignment principles.  It is a learning class, meaning students are invited to ask questions during class and as the questions arise, a formula which helps students better integrate the physical and mental concepts of the practice.
For more information on the series, see the 4-8 Week Adult Series Classes Tab.



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