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Beginner Yoga

Beginner Yoga – Building a Strong Foundation

Beginner Yoga Class

The beginner yoga class focuses on the basic poses and alignment principles of the practice

Aspects of the Beginner Yoga Class:

This class moves at a slow pace.  The focus is to assist you in building a strong yoga foundation.  This foundation includes knowledge of the pose names and how to incorporate the general shape of the pose into the body.  All categories of poses are taught.  These include forward folds, gentle back bends, twists, extensions, inversions, and basic hand balances. This class teaches the importance of breath—in regard to its connection to the yoga practice as well as general well being.

Experience level:

For those who have an exercise regime, you may step into this class as opposed to the introduction to yoga series.  For those taking the 8-week beginner yoga series, this is an excellent class to reinforce the basic principles of alignment.

Mixed Level Yoga

Mixed Level Yoga – More focus on abdominal strength and alignment

Aspects of Mixed Level Yoga:

Beginner to intermediate asanas. This class is designed for those with a strong yoga foundation who desire enhanced challenge in their practice to include more intensive core strengthening. In this class we focus on the power of abdominal strength, bone stacking, and breath to bring ease into a pose. The class delves into more challenging poses, such as hand balances and inversion.  It also involves deepening the exploration of the basic pose base. Variations of more difficult poses are provided to support students in honoring their bodies and moving towards the next level.


This class is suitable for beginners with a solid practice as well as intermediate students.

Slow Flow Yoga

The Slow flow yoga class moves at a slow and gentle pace.  It is designed for the active but less mobile yogi.

Aspects of the Slow Flow Yoga Class:

This class focuses on maintaining the flexibility of the entire body. With attention to range of motion in the spine, hips, shoulders and legs. Building abdominal and upper arm strength are key components of this practice. Breath-work and light meditation makeup this 90 minute class.

Experience Level:

It is suitable for active seniors. Students should have an understanding of the basic elements of a yoga practice for this class.

Kundalini Yoga

Many consider kundalini yoga the most complete of Yogic traditions.  It incorporates breath work, “Naad” or sound vibration and  asana (poses).  And it also includes elements of mantra, drishti (eye focus), bandhas ( body locks), and mudra (hand postures).

Aspects of Kundalini Yoga:

The primary goal is to unite the finite with the Infinite. Kundalini yoga is known as the “Yoga of Awareness” because it unlocks the Kundalini energy that is coiled at the base of the spine and brings it to the higher centers of consciousness. Many people live their entire lives from the lower chakras; from security, sexual desire, and power. This practice raises our awareness to the higher chakras so that we may give from the heart, speak with compassion, open our minds, and live from our radiance.

Experience level:

This class is appropriate for all levels as modifications will be offered to beginners.


This 8-week beginner yoga course is for the yoga novice with no prior experience with the practice. The primary focus is to increase mind/body awareness. First and foremost we need to connect with our bodies.  Our Western lifestyles encourage disconnection, and to ignore the wisdom and voice of our bodies.

Aspects of the Beginner Yoga Source:

This class will teach you how to pay attention to your body in order to explore the poses safely and with maximum benefit. We will explore the five major categories of poses and their primary alignment elements.  These categories include: forward folds, back bends, twists, extensions, and inversions. Using the support of props, your breath, and alignment cues,  you will discover how yoga can enhance the mobility and flexibility of your hips, shoulders, and lower back.  We will also focus on strength building for the abdominals, upper arms, and the muscles surrounding the elbow and knee joints.  Balance comes to play, in some respect, in every pose; and there will be plenty of opportunities to improve standing balance.

This is a learning class, so please, ask questions as they arise. This format allows you to better physically and mentally integrate the alignment elements of a pose. The series progresses at a slow pace, with a gradual building of the pose base. The course also includes breath work (pranayama) and meditation; and hence designed to offer an introduction to not only the basic asanas (poses), but the meditative and breath elements as well.

Experience Level:

No prior experience.

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The strength and flexibility class is focused on building strength and endurance as well as flexibility. It is a perfect class for those seeking to build muscle through yoga; while keeping the muscles supple and mobile.

The focus of the Strength and Flexibility Class:

The target areas for strength are the abdominals, and upper arms.  To balance the strength element, the class also focuses on increasing flexibility in the shoulders, hips, lower-back, and hamstrings.

Experience Level for class:

This class is appropriate for those who understand the basic elements of a yoga practice and are able to come down onto the floor.  It includes fluid movement (such as sun salutations); and longer-held, hatha poses.



Yin Yoga, Meditation, Breath

Yin Yoga is perfect for those desiring low impact but intensive depth in their practice.  If you are recovering from an injury, yin can be highly effective in the restorative process.  Conscious movement cultivates strength and prevents the body from accumulating “fuzz,” which hampers movement.

Aspects of Yin:

Yin is the feminine aspect of the practice.  It involves the element of cooling and going inward.  Whereas a yang practice focuses on the muscles, yin focuses on the ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones. Yin invites us to experience each pose to a depth that challenges and strengthens these soft tissues. The practice is supported by breath,  an assortment of props, alignment, and various approaches to easch pose.

The class is suitable for all levels.  It includes yin asanas coupled with yang counterposes, as well as lots of breathwork and meditation.

Early Morning Yoga: Rise and Shine Vinyasa

Early morning yoga is an opportunity to recalibrate the alignment of mind, body, and breath.

In this every morning class, we welcome the body to a new day.  Breath becomes the focus by which we relieve tension from the joints, spine, digestive system, and the primary muscle groups. This fluid practice is filled with engaging transitions  to illustrate the importance of enjoying the whole journey, rather than just being focused on the end goal.

Why a mid-week, early morning yoga practice?

A  morning practice, midweek, allows for the opportunity to appreciate the process. Often by the middle of the week, we jump out of bed and rush to start the day. Our thoughts are focused on the weekend.  And with this ‘tunnel vision,’ we don’t give our bodies time to catch up.

This class is an opportunity to pause and recalibrate the alignment of the mind body and breath so you leave feeling present and aware.

Experience level:

An understanding of the basic elements of a yoga practice are suggested for this class.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is perfect for those who want all the benefits of a yoga practice while seated in a chair. For some folks, coming down to the floor can be difficult or down-right painful. For others, it is matter of injury recovery, severe muscular inflexibility, or simply the desire to start off slow.

Aspects of chair yoga:

Chair yoga involves poses in which the chair is being used as a prop.  The class includes sitting and standing poses, forward folds, twists, back bends, extensions, and gentle inversions. This class will help you increase flexibility, strength, and balance.

Will Gibson teaches this class.  With over six years of chair yoga teaching experience, his student exposure includes veterans, seniors, and the homeless. Will provides variations of each pose. This approach allow students the opportunity to explore poses at the depth and intensity which is appropriate for their needs.

Experience Level:

All levels welcome.  No prior experience necessary.

Experiential yoga

Experiential Yoga: Stop, Pause, Contemplate

Experiential Yoga focuses on creating space for people to stop for a moment and come back to themselves.

Aspects of Experiential Yoga Class:

Stop and reflect.  Where are you going?  From where are you coming? How do you feel? Where is your mind? In this class, Adrienne Bergthold brings students back to a place of balance and relaxation. The focus is to unwind tension, strengthen the body, soften rigidity and reconnect to the thread that ties it all together; our breath.

In Adrienne’s words:  “I love alignment. It’s a big part of my teaching but it’s done in a fun, playful and experiential way. My practice has impacted my life to it’s core. When I come to my mat, I come back home to myself. My self of clarity and calm and wholeness…”


This class is appropriate for strong beginner and intermediate students.


Yin and Yang Yoga (Slow Flow)

Yin and Yang Yoga (Slow Flow) is a blend of yin and yang modalities.  The class blends the heating elements of yang, with cooling yin poses.   As a result, the practice nourishes and balances the entire body.

Aspects of the Yin and Yang Yoga (Slow Flow) class:

Yang involves muscular strength and endurance of such modalities as vinyasa and hatha yoga. This class includes more advanced poses. These include hand balances, and inversions such as shoulder stand and head stand. The yin portion includes long-held poses that are floor-based and well supported. Although yin increases muscular flexibility, it’s primary benefit is its ability to enhance the strength and flexibility of the soft tissues of the body.


This class is appropriate for strong beginners and intermediate students.

Advancing Beginner Yoga

The advancing Beginner Yoga class supports students who are ready to move to an intermediate level.

Aspects of the Advancing Beginner Yoga Class:

This class is appropriate for those who are familiar with the basics and want to expand their practice.  Focusing on important transitions between poses is critical.  For example, in sun salutations, the impact of power and grace is paramount.  Such fluidity arises through a combination of abdominal strength, proper alignment, and moving with the flow of the breath.

In addition, the advancing beginner yoga class increases the pose base and takes a more in-depth approach to the basic yoga poses. Specifically, this includes more subtle alignment cues; and cultivating a deeper relationship with the breath, as one of the foundational cornerstones of each pose.

A portion of the class may include an opportunity to explore without rules, better known as yoga play.  During this time, we invite students to explore poses of interest with the support of the instructor.


Introduction to Yoga Series or beginner level.



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