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Yoga Class Descriptions

Beginner Yoga

This class will introduce you to the basic yoga asanas and teaches the importance of breath—in regard to its connection to the yoga practice as well as general well being. For those taking the 8-week beginner yoga series, this is an excellent class to reinforce the basic principles of alignment.

Mixed Level Yoga

Beginner to intermediate asanas. This class is designed for those with a strong yoga foundation who desire enhanced challenge in their practice to include more intensive core strengthening. Yogic breathing is encouraged throughout the practice and meditative elements may or may not be included.



This 8-week course is designed for the yoga novice with no prior experience with the practice, or those returning to yoga after an extended hiatus.The primary focus is to increase mind/body awareness; enhance the mobility of the hips, shoulders, and lower back; strengthen the abdominals and upper arms;and to improve physical balance while cultivating a calmer state of mind, and an unyielding respect and love for one’s self.

This is a learning class, meaning students are invited to ask questions during class so they can better physically and mentally integrate the alignment elements of a pose. The first several classes are very gentle, introducing basic but powerful alignment concepts expressed in such poses as cat & cow, sphinx, downward-facing dog, seated forward fold, and warrior 2.

The progression throughout the 8-week series is slow-paced with a gradual building of the pose base. The course also includes breath work (pranayama) and meditation; and hence designed to offer an introduction to not only the basic asana practice, but the meditative and breath elements as well.


This class is designed for those who want to increase flexibility in their shoulders, hips, lower-back and hamstrings and increase strength in their abs and arms. Includes sun salutations and breathwork.

Prenatal Yoga (Coming in the summer of 2017)

Prenatal yoga is an intentional weaving together of yoga and childbirth preparation and opens the door for women to reacquaint themselves with their physical, mental and emotional power needed for the process of birth. Women find the awareness of body, mind and breath learned in this class truly helps them when the time to give birth begins. This class will focus on preparing the body and mind to give birth while maintaining a feeling of calm which is so important for moms and babies during birth. As a skilled childbirth educator using the incredible mindfulness meditaton practice of Calm Birth,, this class will teach mothers how to stay connected to their bodies and babies in calm during the birth. This class will also help new moms find a community of other women to connect with during this amazing time of life.


About the Instructor:

Adrienne Bergthold is one of Baltimore’s most experienced prenatal yoga and birth educators with over 20 years of experience in the healing arts of massage, yoga and childbirth education and is a trained doula of many years.

$60 for 5 classes (to be used in 2 months)

Moving Towards Intermediate

This class  includes more physically challenging poses and more breath elements.  This class is a good option for those who are seeking detailed alignment instruction of more advanced poses so that they can proceed and deepen their practice with heightened understanding and awareness.


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